Advanced Technology with a Soft Touch

E4DDentistED4 Cad/Cam Digital Laser Ceramic System

With this technology, most of our crowns and soon even bridges can be made the same day, meaning no more temporary crowns.This procedure uses a laser to scan your prepared tooth or an impression. We then custom design your crown with our 3D design software and our Cad/Cam mill creates the ceramic crown. Why make another dental visit when you can get it all done at once?

Digital X-rays


Reduced radiation is just one of the benefits with this film-less technology. Your X-rays are stored on our computer and we can view them in sizes many times greater than film to aid in diagnosis.


Diagnodont Laser Cavity Detector  

What could be more beneficial than detecting cavities while they are small enough to restore without any numbing of the tooth? This laser creates a digital number that helps to define what is and what is not a cavity.

picassoPicasso Dental Laser

Lasers have more and more uses every year it seems like. With this laser we can perform surgery with less tissue trauma, better healing and patient comfort. We also can treat cold sores and  periodontal (gum) disease. It will painlessly destroy bacteria and viruses.

Intra-Oral Camera

Not sure you understand what is going on in your mouth. With an inside-the-mouth picture blown up on our 26 inch monitor, you will!  We use this to educate about what we see, but you can’t.  Also we can communicate with your insurance company on your behalf.

loupeDental Magnification Loupes and Bright LED lights

All procedures are done under magnification and with the brightest LED light in dentistry for more precise procedures and diagnosis. Procedures are performed faster and with greater accuracy. Magnification is now the standard care in dentistry around the country.

To sum it up, we continually invest our time for training and research and invest our resources to provide the latest technology on what works, and not waste it on what doesn’t matter. It takes knowledge and skill to utilize the latest technology tools, which is why we are constantly attending continuing education. All our rooms are equipped with LCD TV/DVD’s for your enjoyment as well as 17” Ultra High resolution laptops to run our technology.